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We consider the upper bounds of the finite block length capacity C n,F B (P) of the discrete time Gaussian channel with feedback. We also let C n (p) the nonfeedback capacity. We prove the relations C n (P) ≤ C n,F B (P) ≤ C n (αP) + 1 2 ln(1 + 1 α) and C n (P) ≤ C n,F B (P) ≤ (1 + 1 α)C n (αP) for any P > 0 and any α > 0, which induce the half-bit and(More)
Although it is well known that feedback does not increase capacity of an additive white Gaussian channel, Yanagi gave the necessary and sufficient condition under which the capacity C n,F B (P) of discrete time non-white Gaussian channel is increased by feedback. In this paper we show that the capacity C n,F B (P) of the Gaussian channel with feedback is a(More)
— We give several inherent properties of the capacity function of Gaussian channel with and without feedback by using some operator inequalities and matrix analysis. We give a new proof method which is different from the method appearing in [21]. We obtain the following results: Cn,Z (P) and Cn,F B,Z (P) are both concave functions of P, Cn,Z (P) is a convex(More)
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