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We consider the upper bounds of the finite block length capacity C n,F B (P) of the discrete time Gaussian channel with feedback. We also let C n (p) the nonfeedback capacity. We prove the relations C n (P) ≤ C n,F B (P) ≤ C n (αP) + 1 2 ln(1 + 1 α) and C n (P) ≤ C n,F B (P) ≤ (1 + 1 α)C n (αP) for any P > 0 and any α > 0, which induce the half-bit and(More)
Sorghum prolamins, termed kafirins, are categorized into subgroups α, β, and γ. The kafirins are co-translationally translocated to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) where they are assembled into discrete protein bodies that tend to be poorly digestible with low functionality in food and feed applications. As a means to address the issues surrounding(More)
Lignin is known to impede conversion of lignocellulose into ethanol. In this study, forage sorghum plants carrying brown midrib (bmr) mutations, which reduce lignin contents, were evaluated as bioenergy feed-stocks. The near-isogenic lines evaluated were: wild type, bmr-6, bmr-12, and bmr-6 bmr-12 double mutant. The bmr-6 and bmr-12 mutations were equally(More)
Although it is well known that feedback does not increase capacity of an additive white Gaussian channel, Yanagi gave the necessary and sufficient condition under which the capacity C n,F B (P) of discrete time non-white Gaussian channel is increased by feedback. In this paper we show that the capacity C n,F B (P) of the Gaussian channel with feedback is a(More)
We are developing a photon-counting spectral CT detector with a small pixel size of [Formula: see text] mm(2), offering a potential advantage for better visualization of small structures in pediatric patients. The purpose of this study is to determine the patient size dependent scanning parameters (kVp and mAs) for pediatric CT in two imaging cases: adipose(More)
BACKGROUND Schisandra chinensis, one of the well-known traditional Chinese herbal medicines, is derived from the dry ripe fruits of Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. according to the 9th China Pharmacopeia. Lignans are the main components isolated from extracts of S. chinensis and their content varies depending on where S. chinensis was collected. We(More)
The goal in medical x-ray imaging is to obtain the image quality required for a given detection task, while ensuring that the patient dose is kept as low as reasonably achievable. The two most common strategies for dose reduction are: optimizing incident x-ray beams and utilizing energy information of transmitted beams with new detector techniques (spectral(More)
Head computed tomography (CT) plays an important role in the comprehensive evaluation of acute stroke. Photon-counting spectral detectors, as promising candidates for use in the next generation of x-ray CT systems, allow for assigning more weight to low-energy x-rays that generally contain more contrast information. Most importantly, the spectral(More)
Antiscatter grids are used in digital mammography to reduce the scattered radiation from the breast and improve image contrast. They are, however, imperfect and lead to partial absorption of primary radiation, as well as failing to absorb all scattered radiation. Nevertheless, the general consensus has been that antiscatter grids improve image quality for(More)
In this correspondence, we give several inherent properties of the capacity function of a Gaussian channel with and without feedback by using some operator inequalities and matrix analysis. We give a new proof method which is different from the method appearing in: K. Yanagi and H. W. Chen, "Operator inequality and its application to information theory,"(More)