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Masqueraders who impersonate other users pose serious threat to computer security. Unfortunately, firewalls or misuse-based intrusion detection systems are generally ineffective in detecting masquerades. Although anomaly detection techniques have long been considered as an effective approach to complement misuse detection techniques, they are not widely(More)
BACKGROUND Spontaneous early implant exposure is believed to be harmful, resulting in early crestal bone loss around submerged implants. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of abutment connections and plaque control on the initial healing of prematurely exposed implants in the canine mandible. METHODS Bilateral, edentulated, flat(More)
Norovirus is the major cause of acute gastroenteritis worldwide. Between November 2012 and June 2013, 1718 stool samples were requested for norovirus antigen testing in the metropolitan areas of South Korea, and 91 samples were genotyped. The norovirus antigen-positive rate peaked at 52.8% in December 2012. [corrected]. A novel norovirus GII.4 variant,(More)
This study was carried out to investigate the in vitro effects of isopanduratin A and 4-hydroxypanduratin A isolated from Kaempferia pandurata ROXB. on melanin biosynthesis and tyrosinase activity. Two chalcone compounds, isopanduratin A and 4-hydroxypanduratin A, were isolated from the ethyl acetate fraction of ethanol extract as the active principles.(More)
Skeletal muscle atrophy can be defined as a decrease of muscle volume caused by injury or lack of use. This condition is associated with reactive oxygen species (ROS), resulting in various muscular disorders. We acquired 2D and 3D images using micro-computed tomography in gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of sciatic-denervated mice. We confirmed that sciatic(More)
Regulation of the formation and function of bone-resorbing osteoclasts (OCs) is a key to understanding the pathogenesis of skeletal disorders. Gene-targeting studies have shown that the RANK signaling pathway plays a critical role in OC differentiation and function. Although pharmaceutical blockade of RANK may be a viable strategy for preventing bone(More)
Since computed tomography (CT) was developed and its resolution, sensitivity, and scan speed rapidly improved, the use of CT in the diagnosis of hepatic disease has been evaluated by various investigators. [1] In particular, liver-specific X-ray CT imaging has attracted much attention in cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment because liver metastases are a(More)
Glycogen synthase kinase-3β (GSK-3β) is a serine/threonine kinase originally identified as a regulator of glycogen deposition. Although the role of GSK-3β in osteoblasts is well characterized as a negative regulator of β-catenin, its effect on osteoclast formation remains largely unidentified. Here, we show that the GSK-3β inactivation upon receptor(More)
Peptides derived from conserved heptad repeat (HR) regions of paramyxovirus fusion (F) proteins inhibit viral fusion by interfering with the formation of the fusogenic six-helix bundle structure. Peptide efficacy is affected by the strength of the peptide association with the target virus's complementary HR region. Here, we show that a second basis for(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of flapless implant surgery on crestal bone loss and osseointegration in a canine mandible model. STUDY DESIGN In 6 mongrel dogs, bilateral, edentulated, flat alveolar ridges were created in the mandible. After 3 months of healing, 2 implants in each side were placed by either flap or flapless(More)