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This paper presents the results of a joint effort of a group of multimodality researchers and tool developers to improve the interop-erability between several tools used for the annotation of multimodality. We propose a multimodal annotation exchange format, based on the annotation graph formalism, which is supported by import and export routines in the(More)
Annotation of digital recordings in humanities research still is, to a large extend, a process that is performed manually. This paper describes the first pattern recognition based software components developed in the AVATecH project and their integration in the annotation tool ELAN. AVATecH (Advancing Video/Audio Technology in Humanities Research) is a(More)
Despite its scientific, political, and practical value, comprehensive information about human languages, in all their variety and complexity, is not readily obtainable and searchable. One reason is that many language data are collected as audio and video recordings which imposes a challenge to document indexing and retrieval. Annotation of multimedia data(More)
We present a software module, the LAT Bridge, which enables bidirectional communication between the annotation and exploration tools developed at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics as part of our Language Archiving Technology (LAT) tool suite. These existing annotation and exploration tools enable the annotation, enrichment, exploration and(More)
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