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A new tomographic reconstruction scheme is proposed that uses a genetic algorithm (GA), a robust and com-binatorial function optimization based on the mechanics of the genetic principle. The paper first discusses the implicitly parallel and scaled random nature of the GA optimization using an illustrative example. An introduction of the elementary(More)
An effect of applied electric potential and physico-chemical parameters on a droplet diameter has been analyzed numerically. Smaller droplets can be ejected from a nozzle by applying electrostatic potential between the nozzle and liquids. Although the droplets have been formed until the critical value of the electric potential, unstable liquid jets with(More)
Three-dimensional optical tomography techniques have been developed to reconstruct three-dimensional objects using a set of two-dimensional projection images. A blob method using several basis functions such as a cubic cosine basis function, a cubic B-spline basis function and a Gaussian basis function have been used to calculate the weighting coefficients(More)
Mobile telecommunication companies in Korea provide a lot of mobile data services, but there are no definitions for quality attributes and customers' expectation levels, which are important issues in quality management. In this paper, we define the quality attributes of eight major mobile data services used by mobile communication subscribers and measure(More)
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