Han-Qin Zhou

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In this paper, a simple yet effective modified Smith predictor control scheme is proposed for periodic disturbance rejection. With sound set point response, the closed-loop regulation performance is enhanced significantly with respect to periodic disturbances, provided that the period of the disturbance and the system time delay can be detected. Internal(More)
In this paper, a centralized digital PID control scheme is proposed for linear stochastic multivariable systems with input delay. The discrete linear quadratic regulator (LQR) approach with pole placement is used to achieve satisfactory setpoint tracking with guaranteed closed-loop stability. In addition, the innovation form of Kalman gain is employed for(More)
A two-degree-of-freedom Smith control scheme is proposed for improved disturbance rejection for stable delay processes. The resulting set-point and disturbance responses can be tuned by two controllers separately. A novel disturbance controller design is presented with easy tuning and greatly improved performance. The internal and robust stability issues(More)
In this paper, a modified virtual feedforward control (VFC), is presented for asymptotic disturbance rejection. The proposed VFC control is able to reject the periodic disturbances efficiently in nonminimum phase processes, and has been extended from SISO application to MIMO cases. The robustness of this control scheme is analyzed. The effectiveness is(More)
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