Han Paul Spiers

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With the growing complexities of health care delivery in western industrialized countries, the need for inter-organizational communication is increasingly emphasized. In this paper, we focus on a system - ZorgDomein - that was developed to optimize GP-medical specialist communication. Contrary to the notion of 'shared' or 'integrated care' that often(More)
The NHS's failure to use plain English is a long-standing and widely acknowledged problem. Most people get their information from tabloid newspapers, where sentences have 30 words or fewer. Patients should be involved in the preparation of patient information leaflets. The government's emphasis on involving the public in the NHS, and holding board meetings(More)
A formalised and closer strategic partnership between a health authority and the healthcare industry has brought benefits to both sides. Joint working with seven companies has been used to develop an osteoporosis framework for the district, resulting in distribution of a comprehensive resource pack. Lessons have been learned on the way, and the project is(More)
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