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A multiple degrees of freedom prosthetic hand, NTU Hand, was developed in our laboratory. This paper is focused on the development of a myoelectric discrimination system for a multi-degree prosthetic hand. The discrimination system uses two surface electrodes to acquire the electromyography (EMG) signal from the flexor digitorum superficialis muscle and the(More)
Electromyograph (EMG) has the properties of large variations and nonstationarity There are two issues in the classification of EMG signals. One is the feature selection, and the other is the classifier design. Subject to the first issue, we propose a supervised feature mining (SFM) method, which is an intelligent approach based on genetic algorithms (GAS),(More)
In human society, there are many invisible social rules or spatial effects existing in our environments. The robot that does not comprehend these spatial effects might harm people or itself. This paper presents a spatial behavior cognition model (SBCM) to describe the spatial effects existing between people and people, people and environments. By(More)
In this paper, we propose a fast dynamic visibility graph (DVG) for constructing a reduced roadmap among convex polygonal obstacles. DVG is extracted from the global environment with the simple geometric method and rules. Moreover, the data preprocessing is based on the concept of V-circle. Through V-circle, the process is speeded up greatly. Finally, DVG(More)