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OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that laparoscopic staging improves outcome in patients with peripancreatic carcinoma compared to standard radiology staging. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Diagnostic laparoscopy of peripancreatic malignancies has been reported to improve assessment of tumor stage and to prevent unnecessary exploratory laparotomies in 10% to 76%(More)
OBJECTIVE Efficient scheduling of patient appointments on expensive resources is a complex and dynamic task. A resource is typically used by several patient groups. To service these groups, resource capacity is often allocated per group, explicitly or implicitly. Importantly, due to fluctuations in demand, for the most efficient use of resources this(More)
Sixty patients with inoperable non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) were entered into a phase II study that tested the combination of cisplatin (80 mg/m2, day, etoposide intravenously (IV) (100 mg, days 1 and etoposide orally (200 mg/m2, days 3 and 5). The regimen was repeated every 28 days for six courses, after which patients were allowed to receive(More)
The relationship between hospital volume and outcome of care after pancreatic surgery, particularly mortality, has been described extensively in the past. Today, this relationship is frequently being used by healthcare providers and/or insurance companies to select hospitals for various surgical procedures. This concept, however, has many limitations. The(More)
Ftir denjenigen, der die Geschichte der Behandlung des Magengeschwtirs in verschiedenen Zeitabschnitten eint,eilen mSchte, hat das Jahr 1897 eine gewisse Bedeutung als Wendepunkt. Dama,ls wurde es kllar von M i k u l i c z 1) setzte dasl in seinem b.ekannten Referat auseinander --, daft die Gastroentevostomie nicht mehr nur als palliative Operati,on in(More)
Seit vielen Jahren haben wir in der hiesigen Klinik den Leistenhernien groBe Aufmerksamkeit zugewendet. Das Material wurde Wiederholt bearbeitetl) und auch ich selbst babe mich fortw/ihrend mit dem Studium der Operationen und der Dauererfolge beschMtigt. Besonders wertvoll :ist das uns zur Verfiigung stehende Material, weil prinzipiell und fast(More)
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