Han-Kyu Choi

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The roles of photoreceptors and their associated signaling mechanisms have been extensively studied in plant photomorphogenesis with a major focus on the photoresponses of the shoot system. Accumulating evidence indicates that light also influences root growth and development through the light-induced release of signaling molecules that travel from the(More)
The study of heterogeneous catalytic reactions remains a major challenge because it involves a complex network of reaction steps with various intermediates. If the vibrational spectra of individual molecules could be monitored in real time, one could characterize the structures of the intermediates and the time scales of reaction steps without ensemble(More)
Reduction of nitrobenzene is widely used for the assessment of the catalytic activities of nanoparticles, yet its mechanism is still largely unverified. Here, using the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), we have identified an intermediate of the first step in the photocatalytic reduction of nitrobenzenethiols (NBTs) on a metallic surface. The(More)
Each diastereomer of 10-thiophenyl- and 10-benzenesulfonyl-dihydroartemisinin was synthesized from artemisinin in three steps, and screened against chloroquine-resistance and chloroquine-sensitive Plasmodium falciparum. Three of the four tested compounds were found to be effective. Especially, 10 beta-benzenesulfonyl-dihydroartemisinin showed stronger(More)
Strong b2 peaks (1142, 1391, 1438, and 1583 cm(-1)) in the SERS spectra of 4-aminobenzenethiol (ABT) have been regarded by many as a textbook example of chemically enhanced SERS signals. However, this interpretation is in serious doubt after the recent claim that they arise from 4,4'-dimercaptoazobenzenes (DMAB) photogenerated during the acquisition of(More)
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