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The technology of increasing Internal Vcc without using memory tester is used to enhance the photon emission and the failure range is defined in detail by nano probing. With these methods, we found out that the leakage current was caused by dislocations of STI arranged in a row.
Keywords: Variable selection Integrated squared response Plasma etching Multivariable control Virtual metrology Relative gain array a b s t r a c t Plasma etching processes have a potentially large number of sensor variables to be utilized, and the number of the sensor variables is growing due to advances in real-time sensors. In addition, the sensor(More)
The coherent scattering microscopy/in-situ accelerated contamination system (CSM/ICS) is a developmental metrology tool designed to analyze the impact of carbon contamination on the imaging performance. It was installed at 11B EUVL beam-line of the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL). Monochromatized 13.5 nm wavelength beam with Mo/Si multilayer mirrors and(More)
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