Han-Jung Ko

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Spatial normalization to a common coordinate space, e.g. via the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) brain template, is an essential step of analyzing multi-subject functional MRI (fMRI) datasets. The imperfect compensation for individual regional discrepancies during spatial transformation, which could potentially introduce localization errors of the(More)
Only half of the geriatric patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) can reach full remission after treatment of half a year. This study was designed to examine the neural responses in the partial responders of late-onset MDD. We used 3-Tesla functional magnetic resonance imaging to assess the patterns of cerebral activation/deactivation in the(More)
Research shows midlife adults consistently report higher purpose in life (PIL) than older adults. However, less is known about the changes in PIL during the transition from midlife to older adulthood. This study examined 5-year changes of PIL among late-midlife adults in the Foley Longitudinal Study of Adulthood (n = 163, MAge = 56.37). Results showed that(More)
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