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14C-salicylic acid (SA) was used to monitor SA metabolism and its regulation in tobacco cell suspension culture. Two SA concentrations (20 microM and 200 microM) were used for comparison. SA was quickly taken up in both treatments, and the 200 microM-treated cells absorbed approximately 15 times that of 20 microM-treated cells within 5 min. More than 85%(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We present an anecdotal series of 11 patients without past history of stroke with progressive neurological deterioration while on medical therapy for large cerebellar infarctions. Clinical signs of brain stem compression developed in these patients. Computerized tomography of the head confirmed mass effect from brain edema. It was the(More)
To compare the clinical presentation, etiological factors and the outcome of chronic subdural haematoma (CSDH) in young and old adults, a retrospective analysis was performed by differentiating young adults, age<40 years (n=24) versus extremely aged adults, age>75 years (n=51). The clinical data, computed tomography (CT) findings and surgical outcome were(More)
The authors describe a patient with ossiculum terminale. Thin-section three-dimensional computerized tomography reconstructions, magnetic resonance images, and radiographs of the cervical spine were obtained to evaluate the atlantoaxial stability and structures of the ossiculum terminale. Bone had formed between the ossicles and the body of the odontoid(More)
The case of an interdural arachnoid cyst of traumatic origin at the C3-5 level in an 18-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with a 1-year history of progressive weakness in left limbs and numbness below the clavicles is reported. He had had a C-2 fracture at the age of 9 years without definite neurological deficits. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed(More)
Twenty-five patients (20 men and 5 women) with the chief complaint of facial hyperhidrosis were treated by transthoracic endoscopic T-2, 3 sympathectomy. All patients were essentially in good health except the embarrassment of facial sweating. Fifteen of them also suffered from distressing palmar hyperhidrosis. The ages ranged from 18 to 40 years (mean age(More)
OBJECT Paraspinal muscle injury is a common but neglected complication of posterior spinal surgery. Evidence suggests that surgical retraction places mechanical and oxidative stress on the paraspinal muscles and that inflammation is a major postoperative pathological finding in the muscles. The roles of cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 and nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB(More)
Rosai-Dorfman disease, first described in 1969, is a rare idiopathic histioproliferative disease affecting the lymph nodes. Typical clinical features include bilateral painless lymphadenopathy, fever and polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia. In approximately 43% of cases, extranodal sites may be involved and occasionally represent the initial or sole(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Recent studies have shown that resveratrol increased endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) numbers and functional activity. However, the mechanisms remain to be determined. Previous studies have demonstrated that increased EPC numbers and activity were associated with the inhibition of EPC senescence, which involves activation of(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic shoulder pain is difficult to treat, and the efficacy of most interventions is limited. This study was conducted to evaluate pulsed mode radiofrequency (PRF) lesioning of the suprascapular nerve for treating chronic shoulder pain. Interventions. Thirteen procedures using PRF lesioning of suprascapular nerve were performed under(More)