Han-Joon Kim

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This paper presents a keyword extraction technique that can be used for tracking topics over time. In our work, keywords are a set of significant words in an article that gives high-level description of its contents to readers. Identifying keywords from a large amount of on-line news data is very useful in that it can produce a short summary of news(More)
This paper presents a novel way of building the user profile of concept network for personalized search. The user profile is defined as a concept network, in which each concept is approximately represented with the formal concept analysis (FCA) theory. We assume that a concept, called ‘session interest concept’, subsume a user’s(More)
One of the most difficult problems in developing question-answering (QA) system is that it is so hard to generate natural language questions and to find an answer to a query question. In order to avoid a number of difficulties of developing QA systems, we propose a new style of question-answering system architecture that actively uses sentences within a(More)
Keyword-based search returns its results without concern for the information needs of users. In general, search queries are too short to represent what users want, and thus it is necessary to represent users' intended semantics more accurately. Our goal is to enrich the semantics of user-specific information (e.g., users' queries and preferences) and(More)
INTRODUCTION We have recently seen a tremendous growth in the volume of online text documents from networked resources such as the Internet, digital libraries, and company-wide intranets. One of the most common and successful methods of organizing such huge amounts of documents is to hierarchically categorize documents according to topic (Agrawal, Bayardo &(More)
With the exponentially growing amount of information available on the Internet, retrieving web pages of interest has become increasingly difficult. While several web page recommender systems have been developed, it is still difficult to search related information which reflects users’ preference. In this paper, we propose a new type of web page(More)
Semantic search is known as a series of activities and techniques to improve the search accuracy by clearly understanding users' search intent. Usually, semantic search engines requires ontology and semantic metadata to analyze user queries. However, building a particular ontology and semantic metadata intended for large amounts of data is a very(More)
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