Han-Gyu Park

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To develop a sensitive and quantitative method for monitoring the abnormal glycosylation of clinical and biopharmaceutical products. MALDI-MS-based quantitative targeted glycomics (MALDI-QTaG) was proposed for sensitive and quantitative analysis of total N-glycans. The derivatization reactions (i.e., amidation of sialic acid and incorporation of a positive(More)
The level of endogenous estrone, one of the three major naturally occurring estrogens, has a significant correlation with the incidence of post-menopausal breast cancer. However, it is challenging to quantitatively monitor it owing to its low abundance. Here, we develop a robust and highly sensitive mass-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass(More)
Climate change causes permafrost thawing, and we are confronted with the unpredictable risk of newly discovered permafrost microbes that have disease-causing capabilities. Here, we first characterized the detailed chemical structure of the lipid A moiety from a Pseudomonas species that was isolated from thawing arctic permafrost using MALDI-based mass(More)
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