Han-Chieh Wei

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Schema evolution and schema versioning are two techniques used for managing database evolution. Schema evolution keeps only the current version of a schema and database after applying schema changes. Schema versioning creates new schema versions and converts the corresponding data while preserving the old schema versions and data. To provide the most(More)
Two main approaches for network intrusion detection are <i>misuse detection</i> [6] and <i>anomaly detection</i> [11]. The limitation of the misuse approach is that cannot effectively detect new patterns of intrusions that are not precisely encoded in the system [11]. The anomaly detection approach usually produces a large number of false alarms [1, 7]. In(More)
As the database environment changing, database is no longer accessed only by using SQL to communicate with DBMS as in the two-tier client-server architecture. In modern enterprise distributed systems, applications are developed and deployed as components in n-tier architecture. Database system is integrated with related applications and can only be accessed(More)
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