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The objective of the present study was to investigate the antioxidant activity and immunostimulating property of glucosamine (GlcN) using various in vitro and in vivo tests. Results showed that GlcN possessed excellent antioxidant activities as manifested by strong chelating effect on ferrous ions and protection of macromolecules such as protein, lipid, and(More)
The protective effects of chitosan oligosaccharide (COS), d-glucosamine (GlcNH(2)) and N-acetyl-d-glucosamine (GlcNAc) on carbon tetrachloride (CCl(4))-induced hepatotoxicity and the possible mechanisms that involved were investigated in male ICR mice. CCl(4) (20mg/kg body weight, i.p.) administration induced marked increase in serum AST and ALT activities,(More)
This study intends to examine the effects of different concentrations of four kinds of degradations of chitin: glucosamine (GLC), N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (NAG), chitooligosaccharide (COS), CM-chitooligosaccharide (CM-COS)—on the proliferation of MC3T3-E1 cell line cultured in vitro. Results suggest that all of the glucoses mentioned above promoted the(More)
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