Hamzah S. AlZu'bi

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Although solar and wind energy are two of the most viable renewable energy sources, little research has been done on operating both energy sources alongside one another in order to take advantage of their complementary characters. In this paper, we develop an optimal design for a hybrid solar-wind energy plant, where the variables that are optimized over(More)
Fatigue is a mental process that grows gradually and affects human reaction time and the consciousness. It is one of the causes of road fatal accidents around the globe. Although it is now generally accepted that fatigue plays an important role in road safety, it is still largely left to individual drivers to manage. The recent research in this area focuses(More)
Self-management blood glucose (SMBG) and bolus calculations are pivotal components of evidence-based standard of care for young diabetics receiving multiple daily insulin injections. This paper aims at developing a smart bolus estimator that takes into account the amount of insulin on board (IoB), i.e. Insulin remaining in the patient's body, to reduce fear(More)
Human activity recognition is an area of growing interest facilitated by the current revolution in body-worn sensors. Activity recognition allows applications to construct activity profiles for each subject which could be used effectively for healthcare and safety applications. Automated human activity recognition systems face several challenges such as(More)
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs) are prone to instability when operated open loop in variable speed drives. This paper presents a real-time control strategy based on Adaptive Neural Networks (ANN) for efficiency optimisation of a previously reported drive system incorporating a high-field PMSM. Stability constraints of the drive system are used(More)
Over half a million fish are used in scientific procedures annually in the UK alone. Most fish are subject to invasive procedures which may cause pain distress or death. A range of procedures such as fin clipping, tagging and exposure to chemicals of low pH have been associated with change in behaviour. Abnormal behaviour after common procedures may(More)
Over the last two decades, zebrafish (Danio rerio) have emerged as an efficient model to aid in the research of a broad range of human diseases as well as such diverse applications as environmental modelling and drug discovery. Economically, the large number, low price and low maintenance requirements of this fish species encouraged its use for research. In(More)
Operator tiredness and fatigue pose significant safety risks in industries such as mining, trucking, aviation and air traffic control. Fatigue is a major factor behind on-the-job accidents, absenteeism and lowered productivity. The detection and prediction of fatigue is a technical challenge, confounded by the practical constraints of the working(More)
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