Hamza Kurt

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We present the study on the manipulation of light operating at the semi-Dirac frequency using low-symmetric photonic crystals with C<sub>2</sub> symmetry. A square unit cell of rectangular dielectric rod comprise the semi-Dirac point at the k = 0, where photonic crystal (PC) behaves as either nearly zero-index medium (ZIM) or epsilon near zero (ENZ) medium(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel photonic crystal sensor based on refractive index sensing method. The proposed photonic crystal sensor design has a T-shaped sensing slot region to inject bio-material samples with different refractive index values between 1.00 and 1.35. The corresponding highest refractive index unit (RIU) sensitivity of the designed(More)
In this paper, differential evolution (DE) optimization algorithm is applied to design sub-wavelength focusing PCs structure for the first time to the best of our knowledge. For this purpose, the transverse cross section of the input beam is spatially shaped by optimized PC structure. Strong focusing of beam with FWHM equal to &#x03BB;/5 and with suppressed(More)
In this manuscript, we propose the design of an inhomogeneous artificially modeled graded photonic crystal (PC) medium to control and enrich the polarization insensitive focusing ability of light by using annular type all-dielectric materials. To obtain the graded annular PC structure, the lattice spacing along the transverse direction is modulated(More)
In this article, light localization inside woodpile photonic crystal made of stacks of parallel dielectric rods is numerically and experimentally investigated. The light localization phenomena is achieved by tailoring the structural parameters in the way that a propagating beam is gradually slowed down and finally stopped at a wavelength-dependent position(More)
We numerically investigate the design of a wavelength de-multiplexer based on a tapered photonic crystal waveguide. The tapered waveguide is generated by reducing the width of the channel which, in turn, provides a gradual change in the effective index for the guided modes. Depending on the wavelength, the grading effect enables the propagating beam to be(More)
To obtain sub-wavelength focusing of light by using all-dielectric materials, we propose a new concept for the design of inhomogeneous refractive index profile with random distributions of elements occupying the unit cells of photonic crystals (PCs). Light focusing phenomenon is both systematically and quantitatively analyzed at different operating(More)
Photonic quasi-crystals are ordered but not periodic structures that lack translational symmetry but include rotational symmetry. The present work apply index gradient concept to the familiar inhomogeneous index forms, Maxwell fish eye, Luneburg lens, and Eaton lens for aiming enhanced light manipulations, such as strong light focusing, spiral wave guiding(More)