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We propose and experimentally demonstrate a demultiplexer with point-defect resonators and a reflection feedback mechanism in a photonic crystal waveguide (PCW). A tapered PCW has been chosen as the necessary reflector, which enhances the drop efficiency. Due to the variation of the single-mode waveguide width of the tapered PCW, spatial alteration of the(More)
We explore two-dimensional triangular lattice photonic crystals composed of air holes in a dielectric background which are subject to a graded-index distribution along the direction transverse to the propagation. The proper choice of the parameters such as the input beam width, gradient coefficient, and the operating frequency allow the realizations of the(More)
We explore beam-bending properties of graded index (GRIN) waveguide with hyperbolic secant profile. The transmission efficiency and bandwidth features are extracted for GRIN photonic crystal (PC) media composed of dielectric rods. Light guiding performance of the GRIN PC medium is analyzed for 90° and 180° waveguide bends. The finite-difference time-domain(More)
A new type of two-dimensional photonic-crystal (PC) structure called annular PC composed of a dielectric-rod and a circular-air-hole array in a square or triangular lattice such that a dielectric rod is centered within each air hole is studied. The dielectric rods within the air holes greatly modify the dispersion diagram of the photonic crystal despite the(More)
We investigate slow light propagation in monomode photonic crystal waveguides with different spectral features such as constant group index, high bandwidth and low group velocity dispersion. The form of the waveguide mode alters dramatically and spans three different spectral intervals by tuning the size of the boundary holes. Namely, slope of the band gap(More)
We report numerical and experimental investigations of asymmetric light propagation in a newly designed photonic structure that is formed by creating a chirped photonic crystal (PC) waveguide. The use of a non-symmetric distribution of unit cells of PC ensures the obtaining of asymmetric light propagation. Properly designing the spatial modulation of a PC(More)
Photonic structure designs based on optimization algorithms provide superior properties compared to those using intuition-based approaches. In the present study, we numerically and experimentally demonstrate subwavelength focusing of light using wavelength scale absorption-free dielectric scattering objects embedded in an air background. An optimization(More)
We demonstrate a novel type of slow light photonic crystal waveguide which can produce unusual "U" type group index - frequency curves with constant group index n(g) over large bandwidth. By shifting the boundaries of this waveguide, flexible control of n(g) (10 <n(g)< 210) with large bandwidth (1nm<Deltalambda<43nm centered at 1550nm) and normalized(More)
We demonstrate the operation of a compact wavelength de-multiplexer using cascaded single-mode photonic crystal waveguides utilizing the slow light regime. By altering the dielectric filling factors of each waveguide segment, we numerically and experimentally show that different frequencies are separated at different locations along the waveguide. In other(More)