Hamza Haddad

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When two stimuli are presented simultaneously to an observer, the perceived temporal order does not always correspond to the actual one. In three experiments we examined how the location and spatial predictability of visual stimuli modulate the perception of temporal order. Thirty-two participants had to report the temporal order of appearance of two visual(More)
Simple reaction time (SRT) in response to visual stimuli can be influenced by many stimulus features. The speed and accuracy with which observers respond to a visual stimulus may be improved by prior knowledge about the stimulus location, which can be obtained by manipulating the spatial probability of the stimulus. However, when higher spatial probability(More)
The paper describes an efficient numerical model for better understanding the influence of the microstructure on the thermal conductivity of heterogeneous media. This is the extension of an approach recently proposed for simulating and evaluating effective thermal conductivities of alumina/Al composites. A C++ code called MultiCAMG, taking into account all(More)
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