Hamza Gharsellaoui

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This research work deals with Reconfigurable Uniprocessor embedded Real-Time Systems to be classically implemented by different OS tasks that we suppose independent, synchronous and periodic in order to meet functional and temporal properties described in user requirements. We define in the book chapter two forms of automatic reconfigurations which are(More)
INTRODUCTION The packing problems have been widely studied during the last three decades, as they are often faced in industry. The rectangular pieces packing problem, cutting also from rectangular board, is one particular case of this set of problems. The aim is often to achieve the minimum trim loss (Teng & Liu, 1999). We had done some studies on packing(More)
The paper deals with the real-time scheduling of reconfigurable embedded systems which can change their behavior at run-time by adding, removing, or also updating OS tasks according to external events or also user requirements. We propose a new approach that checks the system's feasibility of the tasks that we assume periodic and a periodic while minimizing(More)
This paper deals with the problem of scheduling the mixed workload of both homogeneous multiprocessor on-line and off-line periodic tasks in a critical reconfigurable real-time environment by a genetic algorithm. Two forms of automatic reconfigurations which are assumed to be applied at run-time: Addition-Removal of tasks or just modifications of their(More)