Hamza A. Javed

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Several signal independent acoustic rake receivers are proposed for speech dereverberation using spherical microphone arrays. The proposed rake designs take advantage of multipaths, by separately capturing and combining early reflections with the direct path. We investigate several approaches in combining reflections with the direct path source signal,(More)
Foregut duplication is commonly found in the posterior mediastinum. 10-20% of these anomalies are associated with oesophageal duplication. It can occur in all parts of oesophageal length. Although duplication of cervical oesophagus has been previously reported, but a majority of them were found in thoracic oesophagus. Infants with oesophageal duplication(More)
In this paper the development and evaluation of an extended Reverberation Decay Tail (R<sub>DT</sub>) metric is described. The signal-based metric predicts the perceived impact of reverberation on speech, by identifying and characterising energy decay characteristics in the signal Bark spectrum. In comparison with a previous metric, the new metric is(More)
Perceptual measures are usually considered more reliable than instrumental measures for evaluating the perceived level of reverberation. However, such measures are costly in both time and money, and, due to variations in stimuli or assessors, the resulting data is not always statistically significant. Therefore, an efficient perceptual measure of the(More)
This paper investigates the relationship between the perceived level of reverberation and parameters measured from the room impulse response (RIR), as well as the design of an instrumental measure that predicts this perceived level. We first present the results of an experimental listening test conducted to assess the level of perceived reverberation in(More)
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