Hampus Holmer

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Surgery is essential for global cancer care in all resource settings. Of the 15.2 million new cases of cancer in 2015, over 80% of cases will need surgery, some several times. By 2030, we estimate that annually 45 million surgical procedures will be needed worldwide. Yet, less than 25% of patients with cancer worldwide actually get safe, affordable, or(More)
BACKGROUND Billions of people are without access to surgical care, in part because of the inequitable distribution of the surgical workforce. Drawing on recently collected data for the number of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and obstetricians worldwide, we sought to show their global maldistribution by identifying thresholds of surgical workforce densities,(More)
INTRODUCTION Emergency abdominal surgery outcomes represent an internationally important marker of healthcare quality and capacity. In this study, a novel approach to investigating global surgical outcomes is proposed, involving collaborative methodology using 'snapshot' clinical data collection over a 2-week period. The primary aim is to identify(More)