Hamoon Hadian

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In this paper, the authors study the kinematic isotropic configuration of spatial cable-driven parallel robots by means of four different methods, namely, (i) symbolic method, (ii) geometric workspace, (iii) numerical workspace and global tension index (GTI), and (iv) numerical approach. The authors apply the mentioned techniques to two types of spatial(More)
In this paper, we study the isotropic design of a 6-6 cable-suspended parallel robot to achieve its best kinematic performance. Dexterity of robot corresponds to its kinematic performance, i.e., if the robot is working at high dexterity; it has the best kinematic performance. This goal can be accomplished using the following techniques: (a) A pure symbolic(More)
This paper addresses the kinematics and dynamics modeling of a 4-DOF cable-driven parallel manipulator with new architecture and a typical Computed Torque Method (CTM) controller is developed for dynamic model in SimMechanics. The novelty of kinematic architecture and the closed loop formulation is presented. The workspace model of mechanism’s dynamic is(More)
Escherichia coli ribosomal protein L7/L12 occurs on the large subunit as two dimers: one dimer is extended and comprises the stalk, while the second dimer is folded and occupies a site on the subunit body. A variant protein, in which all 18 amino acids of the flexible hinge region that links separate N-terminal and C-terminal domains of L7/L12 has been(More)
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