Hammadi Karra

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BACKGROUND Cdc20 is an essential component of cell division and responsible for anaphase initiation regulated by securin degradation. Cdc20 function is strongly regulated by the spindle assembly checkpoint to ensure the timely separation of sister chromatids and integrity of the genome. We present the first results on Cdc20 in a large clinical breast cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Securin is a recently recognised oncogene with multiple known functions in initiation, progression and cell cycle regulation in several malignant diseases, including breast carcinoma. METHODS In this paper, the prognostic value of securin is evaluated by immunohistochemistry in 310 patients diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during a(More)
OBJECTIVE Through this work we want to specify the place of ureteroappendiculoplasty as an important technical procedure for ureteral substitution. MATERIAL AND METHODS Between January 1997 and September 2002, 6 patients had an appendiculoureteroplasty. RESULTS four women and two men with a mean age of 37 years (range 12 to 55 years) had a lesion of the(More)
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