Hammad Raza Syed

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The aims of this study are to compare the level of psychological distress between Norwegian born and immigrants from countries with different income levels and culture, and to investigate the explanatory effect of socioeconomic and psychosocial factors, with special emphasis on lack of control (powerlessness and self-efficacy). A cross-sectional survey with(More)
BACKGROUND In the Norwegian context, higher mental distress has been reported for the non-Western immigrants compared to the ethnic Norwegians and Western immigrants. This high level of distress is often related to different socio-economic conditions in this group. No efforts have been made earlier to observe the impact of changed psychosocial conditions on(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of the study was to observe the inequality in health from the perspective of socio-economic factors in relation to ethnic Pakistanis and ethnic Norwegians in Oslo, Norway. METHOD Data was collected by using an open and structured questionnaire, as a part of the Oslo Health Study 2000-2001. Accordingly 13581 ethnic Norwegians (45%(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to examine cross-cultural communication in health-care settings, which has implications for equal access to health services. We studied how often health-care workers experience a need for language assistance, what they do in such situations, what expectations they have of the interpreters and their evaluation of competency needs.(More)
BACKGROUND There have been no previous studies conducted in Pakistan comparing the concordance of any well established Western anxiety/depression screening instrument with an indigenous scale, in a community based setting. METHODS Participants (n = 1040) in the present study were recruited from the six villages of our interest from the district Gujarat of(More)
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