Hamit Coşkun

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In the present study, the effects of intraamygdalar administrations of melatonin (1 and 100μg/kg), saline and diazepam on the anxiety-like behavior and spatial memory performance in pinealectomized and sham-pinealectomized Wistar rats were investigated. The animals were tested by open field and elevated plus maze tests for anxiety-like behavior, and Morris(More)
Omerli Reservoir is one of the major drinking water reservoirs of Greater Metropolis Istanbul, providing 40% of the overall water demand. Istanbul where is one of the greatest metropolitan areas of the world with a population over 10 million and a rate of population increase about twice that of Turkey. As a result of population growth and industrial(More)
Accurate and timely information about land use and land cover (LULC) and its changes in urban areas are crucial for urban land management decision-making, ecosystem monitoring and urban planning. Also, monitoring and representation of urban sprawl and its effects on the LULC patterns and hydrological processes of an urbanized watershed is an essential part(More)
Darlik Dam supplies 15% of the water demand of Istanbul Metropolitan City of Turkey. Water quality (WQ) in the Darlik Dam was investigated from Landsat 5 TM satellite images of the years 2004, 2005, and 2006 in order to determine land use/land cover changes in the watershed of the dam that may deteriorate its WQ. The images were geometrically and(More)
As an important part of our life, music could affect our mood states, being either in positive, negative, or neutral form. Subjective experiences would support this idea, when hearing a song on a radio or a rhythm on a ceremony, etc. Although universal effect of music is a controversial issue, it has been well documented that music influences our mood(More)
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