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The Ottoman Empire
Minorities in Turkey
Starting from the touchy reaction of Turkey regarding the status of its minorities, this paper first stresses that questions related to minorities emerged within the Ottoman empire in the aftermathExpand
Kurds and the Turkish State
Together with the irtica (‘religious reaction’), the Kurdish question has constituted the most important challenge to the Turkish Republic since its foundation in 1923. The trajectory of the KurdishExpand
Violence in the Middle East: From Political Struggle to Self-Sacrifice
Violence has been a central political issue in many Middle Eastern countries during the past two decades, either episodically (Syria, Iran) or continually (Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan,Expand
Turkey's Elections and the Kurds
The Kurds and Middle Eastern “State of Violence”: the 1980s and 2010s
Though a macro-level analysis this article examines the evolution of the Kurdish issue since the occupation of Iraq in 2003 and the Syrian crisis in 2011, underlining the necessity of a comparisonExpand
La question kurde
Writing the modern history of Iraq : historiographical and political challenges
Dealing with the Past: Methodological Issues - Introduction to the Section (Peter Sluglett): Advice From The Past: 'Ali Al-Wardi on Literature and Society (Orit Bashkin) Writing the History of Iraq:Expand