Hamish Waterer

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Hydroelectric power utilities convert the potential energy of water to electricity through the operation of generation turbines. Each turbine unit has an operating range and incurs a fixed start-up cost. The problem of determining which turbines should be operating at any point during the day whilst ensuring that the demand for electricity is satisfied is(More)
We consider the problem of scheduling a set of maintenance jobs on the arcs of a network so that the total flow over the planning time horizon is maximized. A maintenance job causes an arc outage for its duration, potentially reducing the capacity of the network. The problem can be expected to have applications across a range of network infrastructures(More)
We consider the scheduling of the annual maintenance for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain. The coal chain is a system comprising of load points, railway track and different types of terminal equipment, interacting in a complex way. A variety of maintenance tasks have to be performed on all parts of the infrastructure on a regular basis in order to assure the(More)
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This paper tackles a generalization of the weight constrained shortest path problem in a directed network (WCSPP) in which replenishment arcs, that reset the accumulated weight along the path to zero, appear in the network. Such situations arise, for example, in airline crew pairing applications, where the weight represents duty hours, and replenishment(More)
This paper is the first of two papers entitled " Airline Planning Benchmark Problems " , aimed at developing benchmark data that can be used to stimulate innovation in airline planning, in particular, in flight schedule design and fleet assignment. While optimisation has made an enormous contribution to airline planning in general, the area suffers from a(More)