Hamish O. Nicholson

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Prospective studies of pre-conception diabetes care have confirmed its positive impact on the incidence of malformations by improving glycaemic control. Less information is available on the impact of pre-conception care on maternal and neonatal morbidity. This audit addresses its impact on timing and mode of delivery, incidence of macrosomia and rate of(More)
A retrospective study of the complications of cone biopsy showed that among 915 women examined between the years 1976 and 1982, 121 (13%) had primary or secondary haemorrhage, 153 (17%) cervical stenosis and 39 (4%) subsequent infertility or an abnormal pregnancy. Cervical stenosis was commonest among women who had had long cones removed. Stenosis occurred(More)
We retrospectively analysed pregnancy complicated by diabetic nephropathy in patients attending a University teaching hospital (1990-97), to examine fetal/maternal outcomes. Fetal outcomes included early intrauterine deaths, stillbirths, neonatal/perinatal mortality, size for gestational age, malformations, and need for neonatal unit care. Maternal outcomes(More)
A study was carried out to determine the incidence of maternal ketoacidosis in 635 insulin-treated diabetic pregnancies managed in a combined antenatal/diabetic clinic between 1971 and 1990. A total of 11 episodes occurred, representing 1.73% of diabetic pregnancies of which 9 were in the antenatal period. Overall fetal loss including spontaneous abortion(More)
In a prospective study of 100 consecutive diabetic pregnancies, 1 was complicated by hyperthyroidism and 4 by hypothyroidism. The association of hypothyroidism with diabetes mellitus merits special attention as this combination of diseases affected 4 of 20 (20%) White's class D and F diabetics. Hydramnios and/or spontaneous premature labor were features of(More)