Hamish Leslie

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OBJECTIVE Restoration of mechanical axis of the leg. INDICATIONS Osteoarthritis of medial knee compartment. Overload of medial compartment. Genu varum. CONTRAINDICATIONS Smoker. Vascular impairment. Poor soft-tissue envelope. SURGICAL TECHNIQUE Straight 12-cm midline incision starting distal to the tibial tubercle medially and continuing parallel to(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative education and discussion is a crucial part of the surgeon-patient relationship. The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of a multimedia education tool to improve patients' understanding when used as an adjunct to the usual verbal consent process regarding first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ) arthrodesis surgery. (More)
Over a 2-week period in January 1990 consecutive adult emergency attenders were breathalysed and screened for problem drinking using the WHO screening instrument. Results were compared with a similar study conducted 8 years previously. Of the patients tested, 12.5% had a positive alcohol in 1990 compared with 16% in 1982. Of those with positive alcohol(More)
Wiederherstellung der mechanischen Achse des Beins. Arthrose des medialen Kniekompartments. Überlastung des medialen Kniekompartments. Genu varum. Nikotinabusus. Gefäßerkrankung. Schlechte Weichteildeckung. Gerade, 12 cm lange Inzision, beginnend distal und medial der Tuberositas tibiae, dann parallel zur Tibiavorderkante verlaufend. Schräg im Winkel von(More)
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