Hamish E Thomson

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Bone cement implantation syndrome (BCIS) is poorly understood. It is an important cause of intraoperative mortality and morbidity in patients undergoing cemented hip arthroplasty and may also be seen in the postoperative period in a milder form causing hypoxia and confusion. Hip arthroplasty is becoming more common in an ageing population. The older patient(More)
Address: 1Medical Affairs, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA, 3Kenyan AIDS Vaccine Initiative, Nairobi, Kenya, 4University of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa, 5MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS, Entebbe, Uganda, 6Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group, Kigali,(More)
We would like to report the case of a young female who presented to our Intensive Care Unit following emergency laparotomy for spontaneous hepatic rupture during labour. The patient presented to our maternity unit in natural labour at term. The pregnancy had been uncomplicated and the patient was a primigravida. Routine blood tests, including coagulation(More)
what kind of lives the sort of people who are terribly good at something or other led before the something or other they turned out to be terribly good at were invented. To make myself clearer, how must chaps like Chopin or Art Tatum, say, have felt before the piano came on the scene, or Lord Lichfield before photography? What the eye doesn't see the heart(More)
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