Hamidreza Shirazi

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INTRODUCTION Gender differences in schizophrenia include the age of onset, better treatment response, a better outcome, and the peak of the disease in postmenopausal women. Some evidence indicates that these variations are due to estrogen's effect. The intention of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of estrogen as an adjuvant agent in the(More)
The lack of interoperability between Pay-TV service providers and a horizontally integrated business transaction model have compromised the competition in the PayTV market. In addition, the lack of interactivity with customers has resulted in high churn rate and improper security measures have contributed into considerable business loss. These issues are(More)
The MobileTV, IPTV, and DVB standards (DVB-H/T) have been defined to offer mobile users interactive multimedia services with quality of service (QoS) consistency analogous to TV services. However, the market has yet to provide effective and economical solutions for the real-time delivery of such services to the corresponding transmitters over multi-domain(More)
The requirements for future DVB-T/H networks demand that broadcasters design and deploy networks that provide ubiquitous reception in challenging indoors and other obstructed situations. It is essential that such networks are designed cost-effectively and with minimized environmental impact. The EC funded project PLUTO has since its start in 2006 explored(More)
This paper presents a test-bed development and measurement plan for evaluating transmit diversity and onchannel repeaters in the Digital Video Broadcasting Network. Transmit diversity reduces the complexity and improves the power consumption of the personal receiving devices by enhancing the transmission of signals in NLOS cluttered environments. It is more(More)
In this paper, the issue of mobility and roaming in Pay-TV systems are studied to propose the novel multidomain universal service delivery architecture to provide legitimate subscribers with a ubiquitous access to multimedia services. The paper also considers other cooperating IP/Mobile and Broadcast architectures to add flexibility and mobility in service(More)
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