Hamidon B. Basri

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Fatty acid esters are long-chain esters, produced from the reaction of fatty acids and alcohols. They possess potential applications in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations due to their excellent wetting behaviour at interfaces and a non-greasy feeling when applied on the skin surfaces. This preliminary work was carried out to construct pseudo-ternary(More)
INTRODUCTION During recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of nanoemulsion as a drug-carrier system for topical delivery. A nanoemulsion is a transparent mixture of oil, surfactant and water with a very low viscosity, usually the product of its high water content. The present study investigated the modification of nanoemulsions with(More)
Post stroke hyperglycaemia (PSH) is prevalent in acute ischaemic stroke (AIS) patients and it has been associated with a dismal outcome of death and disability. Insulin has been proven to attenuate glucose effectively in stroke patients, thus many trials over the years had studied the efficacy of intensive treatment aiming at normalization of blood sugar(More)
Nigella sativa Linn. (N. sativa) and its bioactive constituent Thymoquinone (TQ) have demonstrated numerous pharmacological attributes. In the present study, the neuroprotective properties of Thymoquinone-rich fraction (TQRF) and TQ against hydrogen peroxide- (H2O2-) induced neurotoxicity in differentiated human SH-SY5Y cells were investigated. TQRF was(More)
SUMMARY Anti-MuSK Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a rare autoimmune neuromuscular junction disorder with poor response to conventional management of MG. We're reporting a case with typical presentation and clinical course of this disorder. 28-year-old lady presented with prominent oculobulbar, proximal muscle and respiratory muscle progressively worsened for the(More)
Brachial plexopathy is usually related to trauma like direct injury to the nerve and stretching injuries. Neurological complications following bee sting are uncommon. Here, we describe a rare case of acute brachial plexopathy as a neurological complication following bee sting. A23-year-old maleinitially presented with angioedema and anaphylactic shock one(More)
BACKGROUND This study aims to explore the relationship between religiosity and psychological well-being of caregivers of stroke survivors in Shiraz, Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS A purposive sample of 96 family members, which included 34 daughters-in-law and 62 daughters, who were caring for severe impaired stroke survivors were enrolled in the study. (More)
Encephalitis has been included in the causes of optic neuritis, but post encephalitic optic neuritis has been rarely reported. Majority of the cases of optic neuritis are either idiopathic or associated with multiple sclerosis, especially in western countries. This is very important in the Asian population where the incidence and prevalence of multiple(More)
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