Hamideh Ofoghi

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Weeds are a significant part of the pests limiting crop production. Currently, chemical herbicides are widely used for weed control. Environment pollution and the rise of resistant strains highlight the need for new herbicides. Nep1 is a natural bio-herbicide protein which is an effective necrosis stimulant in dicotyledonous weeds. In this study, the cDNA(More)
Malaria infection is still widespread in some parts of the world and threatens the lives of millions of people every year. Vaccines, especially oral vaccines are considered to be effective in reducing the burden of malaria morbidity and mortality. By using recombinant technology, suitable oral hosts could serve as antigen delivering vehicles in developing(More)
BACKGROUND Recombinant protein technology has revolutionized the world of biology and medicine. Following this progress, fusion protein technology, as a novel innovation, has opened new horizons for the development of proteins that do not naturally exist. Fusion proteins are generated via genetically fusing two or more genes coding for separate proteins,(More)
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