Hamid Zildzo

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This paper presents the use of coupled BEM/FEM method by the numeric calculations of protection current/potential distribution when the cathodic protection system with galvanic anodes is applied. Cathodic protection (CP) system is very efficient system for protection of underground metal object from corrosion. The most important phase by installing the CP(More)
During the malfunction in the substation, there is danger that transferred potential from the earthing system area into the outer space may occur. This problem may be a limiting factor when calculating the earthing system. Generally, a danger from too high touch voltage occurs. Also, very large potential differences are possible. Calculation of the(More)
This paper presents the modeling of coupled turbulent flow of SF6 gas and the electric field in high voltage switch gear during the interruption of capacitive currents, by using the so-called electric-gas flow model fields. Specifically, for a number of positions moving and stationary contacts during turn-off, the flow parameters of SF6 gas and the electric(More)
This paper presents the application of coupled 1D and 2D isoparametric discontinuous boundary elements for calculation of large grounding systems. Indirect method of boundary elements was applied. Parts of long thin grounding conductor (e.g., tapes, grids, mashes or rods) are discretization with a 1D linear isoparametric discontinuous boundary elements.(More)
This paper presents research of phenomena in the soil around activated grounding system considering behavior of fields and their correlation, as well as reflection of these appearances on main grounding parameters. If through grounding system flows current with significant intensity then generated heat in the soil around grounding electrode will cause heat(More)
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