Hamid Tayefi Nasrabadi

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Dendrimers are nano-sized, radially symmetric molecules with well-defined, homogeneous, and monodisperse structure that has a typically symmetric core, an inner shell, and an outer shell. Their three traditional macromolecular architectural classes are broadly recognized to generate rather polydisperse products of different molecular weights. A variety of(More)
Therapeutic proteins and peptides are corresponding to a major area of research in biotechnology companies and current pharmaceutical. Because of their natural instability, the enormous majority of these drugs require parentéral administration. Oral insulin delivery would be a highly attractive alternative process of administration, though it continues to(More)
The over usage of multiple antibiotics contributes to the emergence of a whole range of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria causing enterogenic infections in poultry science. Therefore, finding an appropriate alternative natural substance carrying an antibacterial capacity would be immensely beneficial. It has been previously discovered that the(More)
Many studies of non-supported bimetallic nanoparticle (BMNP) dispersions, stabilized by ligands or polymers, and copolymers, were started only about 10 years ago. Several preparative procedures have been proposed, and full characterizations on BMNPs have been approved. Studies on BMNPs received huge attention from both scientific and technological(More)
Background:Helicobacter pylori is a prevalent pathogen which is considered as an etiological cause for gastroduodenal ulcers, and a substantial risk factor for gastric malignancies. The vital factor to take into account is that roughly half of the world's population is infected with this bacterium. However, most subjects colonized remain asymptomatic and do(More)
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