Hamid Soleimani

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there has been a strong push recently to examine biological scale simulations of neuromorphic algorithms to achieve stronger inference capabilities. This paper presents a set of piecewise linear spiking neuron models, which can reproduce different behaviors, similar to the biological neuron, both for a single neuron as well as a network of neurons. The(More)
This paper presents a modified astrocyte model that allows a convenient digital implementation. This model is aimed at reproducing relevant biological astrocyte behaviors, which provide appropriate feedback control in regulating neuronal activities in the central nervous system. Accordingly, we investigate the feasibility of a digital implementation for a(More)
This study firstly presents (i) a novel general cellular mapping scheme for two dimensional neuromorphic dynamical systems such as bio-inspired neuron models, and (ii) an efficient mixed analog-digital circuit, which can be conveniently implemented on a hybrid memristor-crossbar/CMOS platform, for hardware implementation of the scheme. This approach employs(More)
This paper presents a set of reconfigurable analog implementations of piecewise linear spiking neuron models using second generation current conveyor (CCII) building blocks. With the same topology and circuit elements, without W/L modification which is impossible after circuit fabrication, these circuits can produce different behaviors, similar to the(More)
It is expensive to simulate large-scale neural networks on hardware while ensuring a high resemblance to the original neurons' behavior. This paper introduces a novel technique to facilitate digital implementation and computer simulation of neuron models that contain an exponential term. This technique is applied to a biologically realistic neuron model(More)
This study presents a cellular-based mapping for a special class of dynamical systems for embedding neuron models, by exploiting an efficient memristor crossbar-based circuit for its implementation. The resultant reconfigurable memristive dynamical circuit exhibits various bifurcation phenomena, and responses that are characteristic of dynamical systems.(More)
Medical image registration methods which use mutual information as similarity measure have been improved in recent decades. Mutual Information is a basic concept of Information theory which indicates the dependency of two random variables (or two images). In order to evaluate the mutual information of two images their joint probability distribution is(More)