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Many Networks-on-Chip (NoC) applications exhibit one or more critical traffic flows that require hard Quality of Service (QoS). Guaranteeing bandwidth and latency for such real time flows is crucial. In this paper, we present novel methods to efficiently calculate worst-case bandwidth and latency bounds and thereby provide hard QoS guarantees. Importantly,(More)
In this paper, we propose a run-time strategy for managing writes onto last level cache in chip multiprocessors where STT-RAM memory is used as baseline technology. To this end, we assume that each cache set is decomposed into limited SRAM lines and large number of STT-RAM lines. SRAM lines are target of frequently-written data and rarely-written or(More)
(NoC) has been proposed as an attractive alternative to traditional dedicated wires to achieve high performance and modularity. Power efficiency is one of the most important concerns in NoC architecture design. The choice of network topology is important in designing a low-power and high-performance NoC. In this paper, we propose the use of the WK-recursive(More)
Many classes of applications require <i>Quality of Service</i> (QoS) guarantees from the system interconnect. In <i>Networks-on-Chip</i> (NoC) QoS guarantees usually translate into bandwidth and latency constraints for the traffic flows and require hardware support in the NoC fabric and its interfaces. In this article we present a novel NoC synthesis(More)