Hamid Reza Shayegh

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Background detection and removal in video sequences for tracking motion objects is an important part of tracking process. It's clear that removal static background leads to tracking motion object and analyzing their movements more accurately. Older techniques for background removal, only use spatial features of image and remove background by focusing on(More)
Sign language continues to be the preferred method of communication among the deaf and the hearing-impaired. Advances in information technology have prompted the development of systems that can facilitate automatic translation between sign language and spoken language. More recently, systems translating between Arabic sign and spoken language have become(More)
Persian handwritten numerals recognition has been a frontier area of research for the last few decades under pattern recognition. Recognition of handwritten numerals is a difficult task owing to various writing styles of individuals. A robust and efficient method for Persian/Arabic handwritten numerals recognition based on K Nearest Neighbors (K-NN)(More)
Skin detection is one of the most important and primary stages in some of image processing applications such as face detection and human tracking. So far, many approaches are proposed to done this case. Near all of these methods have tried to find best match intensity distribution with skin pixels based on popular color spaces such as RGB, CMYK or YCbCr.(More)
License Plate Recognition plays an important role on the traffic monitoring and parking management. Administration and restriction of those transportation tools for their better service becomes very essential. In this paper, a fast and real time method has an appropriate application to find plates that the plat has tilt and the picture quality is poor. In(More)
License Plate Recognition (LPR) plays an important role on the traffic monitoring and parking management. A robust and efficient method for enhancing accuracy of license plate characters recognition based on K Nearest Neighbours (K-NN) classifier is presented in this paper. The system first prepares a contour form of the extracted character, then the angle(More)
This paper is a quick overview of Kaveh 2012 rescue virtual robot team which describes our improvements and works in relation with robotic science and AI in order to participate in Mexico 2012 Robocup Competitions. This year we are going to use some new concepts to dissolve some problems such as Multi Robot Exploration, Localization and mapping (SLAM),(More)
The small Indian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus) is native to the Middle East, Iran and much of southern Asia. For this study the middle ears of a total of 6 adult small Indian mongooses, both fresh and museum samples were explored by using of dissection and plain radiography. On the one hand, at least in some species of the mongoose vocalisations and(More)
Automatic vehicle license plate recognition system plays an important role in Intelligent Transportation System. Even though many license plate recognition methods have been proposed in the past, further scope for improvement still exists. This paper has proposed a new approach to license plate recognition system based Harris corner detection algorithm. In(More)
This paper represents a new and intelligent system for license plate recognition used in many cases, for example: unattended parking lots, security control of restricted areas, traffic law enforcement, congestion pricing, and automatic toll collection. The proposed system is a process based on a combination of the complement methods that increases the(More)
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