Hamid Reza Rezai

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The distribution and abundance of planktonic calanoid copepods were studied from samples collected at 13–20 stations during four oceanographic cruises (pre- and post- monsoons, and during northeast (NE) and southwest (SW) monsoons) performed between 1998 and 2000 in the Straits of Malacca. Space and time variations of calanoid copepods were described using(More)
A prolonged unusual red tide (about 10 months) recently occurred in the Persian Gulf. It started in August 2008 near the Strait of Hormuz and remained till May 2009 at Iranian side. Following this event, corals experienced severe settlement by fouling organisms, specifically serpulid worms, which settled not only on dead corals but also started to overgrow(More)
A fringing coral community at Larak Island (26 53¢N, 56 23¢E), situated at the boundary between the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman in the Strait of Hormuz, is described. Little published information exists about Iranian reefs and their fauna and such a coral community has not yet been reported in the Persian Gulf (Shinn 1976; Sheppard and Sheppard 1991;(More)
The study of scyphozoan jellyfishes is crucial due to their significant influence on aquatic environments such as blooming. Species identification is the first step in prediction and management of jellyfish influences. The present paper describes the new records of four scyphozoan jellyfishes in the northern part of the Gulf of Oman. This area has(More)
A submarine pipeline, constructed in 1997–1998 to provide water to Redang Island, Malaysia traverses an area covered with corals. Biological studies were conducted before and following pipeline construction to monitor the changes in the biota at selected sites. Benthic invertebrates (including corals) were used as monitoring tools. Student's t-test and(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to collect informative data on the parasitic infection of wild rodents, emphasizing on finding parasites, which have medical importance to human. METHODS During 2012-2014, a total number of 91 wild rodents were captured from rural areas of Turkmen Sahra, Golestan Province, using handmade traps. Animals were(More)
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