Hamid Reza Pourreza

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This paper proposes the application of 3 different kinds of feature extractors to recognize & classify 5 models of vehicles. These feature extractors are Fast Fourier transform, discrete wavelet transform & discrete curvelet transform. To justify the correct amount of each feature extractor, we perform each of the mentioned transforms to input images,(More)
This paper proposes the performance of a new algorithm for vehicles recognition system. This recognition system is based on extracted features on the performance of image's curvelet transform & achieving standard deviation of curvelet coefficients matrix in different scales & various orientations. The curvelet transform is a multiscale transform with frame(More)
Depth image based rendering techniques for multiview applications have been recently introduced for efficient view generation at arbitrary camera positions. Encoding rate control has thus to consider both texture and depth data. Due to different structures of depth and texture images and their different roles on the rendered views, distributing the(More)
The inefficiency of separable wavelets in representing smooth edges has led to a great interest in the study of new 2-D transformations. The most popular criterion for analyzing these transformations is the approximation power. Transformations with near-optimal approximation power are useful in many applications such as denoising and enhancement. However,(More)
— In this paper, a new offline handwritten signature identification and verification system based on Contourlet transform is proposed. Contourlet transform (CT) is used as feature extractor in proposed system. Signature image is enhanced by removing noise and then it is normalized by size. After preprocessing stage, by applying a special type of Contourlet(More)
In this paper we present a new SWT based algorithm for electronic digital image stabilization application. In our proposed algorithm, we first estimate the translational motion by projecting the vertical and horizontal details of stationary wavelet decomposition in level 2. These parameters are used as initial estimation of motion's parameters. Then, we use(More)
ABSTARCT In this paper we propose two new matching criteria for template matching. The performance evaluation of these two criteria is applied to electronic digital image stabilizer (EDIS) application. These two criteria are based on bit-plane matching (BPM) criterion, where four decimated bit-planes are used in our criteria. These criteria can be realized(More)
In this paper an automated center of radial distortion estimation algorithm is explained. The method applied to the development of an autonomous camera calibration algorithm. The idea of active targets, which are controlled by calibration algorithm is the key to the autonomy in this work. The proposed method decouples the center of radial distortion from(More)
In different areas of Biometrics, recognition by iris images in nowadays has been taken into consideration by researchers as one of the common methods of identification like passwords, credit cards or keys. Iris recognition a novel biometric technology has great advantages such as variability, stability and security. Although the area of the iris is small(More)
This paper proposes a local Radon transform-based algorithm for extraction of blood vessels in conjunctival images. This algorithm divides the image into overlapping windows and applies Radon transform to each window. Vessel direction in each window is found by detection of peak in Radon space. The proposed algorithm is capable of extracting blood vessels(More)