Hamid Reza Pourreza

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Running average method and its modified version are two simple and fast methods for background modeling. In this paper, some weaknesses of running average method and standard background subtraction are mentioned. Then, a fuzzy approach for background modeling and background subtraction is proposed. For fuzzy background modeling, fuzzy running average is(More)
In this paper, a new method for signature identification and verification based on contourlet transform (CT) is proposed. This method uses contourlet coefficient as the feature extractor and Support Vector Machine (SVM) as the classifier. In proposed method, first signature image is normalized based on size. After preprocessing, contourlet coefficients are(More)
Detection and quantitative measurement of variations in the retinal blood vessels can help diagnose several diseases including diabetic retinopathy. Intrinsic characteristics of abnormal retinal images make blood vessel detection difficult. The major problem with traditional vessel segmentation algorithms is producing false positive vessels in the presence(More)
This paper proposes the application of 3 different kinds of feature extractors to recognize & classify 5 models of vehicles. These feature extractors contain of fast Fourier transform, discrete wavelet transform & discrete curvelet transform. To justify the correct amount of each feature extractor, we perform per of the mentioned transforms to input(More)
the selection of the optimal feature subset and the classification has become an important issue in the field of iris recognition. In this paper we propose several methods for iris feature subset selection and vector creation. The deterministic feature sequence is extracted from the iris image by using the contourlet transform technique. Contourlet(More)
Characterizationof two-dimensional textures has many potential applications such as remote sensing, content base image retrieval, image segmentation, etc. In real world, noise has a disturbing effect in the analysis of images and textures. In this paper, a new rotation invariant texture descriptor, LSP (Local Similarity Pattern) is proposed to characterize(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method for signature verification using local<lb>Radon Transform. The proposed method uses Radon Transform locally as<lb>feature extractor and Support Vector Machine (SVM) as classifier. The main idea<lb>of our method is using Radon Transform locally for line segments detection and<lb>feature extraction, against using it(More)
This paper proposes the performance of a new algorithm for vehicles recognition system. This recognition system is based on extracted features on the performance of image's curvelet transform and achieving standard deviation of curvelet coefficients matrix in different scales and various orientations. The curvelet transform is a multiscale transform with(More)
In different areas of Biometrics, recognition by iris images in nowadays has been taken into consideration by researchers as one of the common methods of identification like passwords, credit cards or keys. Iris recognition a novel biometric technology has great advantages such as variability, stability and security. Although the area of the iris is small(More)
ABSTARCT In this paper we propose two new matching criteria for template matching. The performance evaluation of these two criteria is applied to electronic digital image stabilizer (EDIS) application. These two criteria are based on bit-plane matching (BPM) criterion, where four decimated bit-planes are used in our criteria. These criteria can be realized(More)