Hamid Reza Niknejad

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INTRODUCTION Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) has been accepted as the procedure of choice for the treatment of obstructive hydrocephalus in children and adults. The role and outcome of this procedure in the elderly has not been evaluated yet. MATERIALS AND METHODS Over an 11-year interval we retrospectively analyzed data of patients, 65+ years of(More)
Injuries to the craniocervical support structures are frequently observed in neurotrauma cases. Stability of this region is of vital importance. Literature has mainly focused on three major ligaments of the craniocervical junction: The tectorial membrane, the transverse ligament, and the alar ligaments. However, the accessory atlantoaxial ligament (ALL)(More)
BACKGROUND Since the use of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, colloid cysts (CCs) are discovered more frequently and subsequently their true incidence exceeds the numbers previously estimated. In 1986, the first familial case was reported in two identical twin brothers. To date, a total of 17 of these cases have been reported, all(More)
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