Hamid Reza Nasrinpour

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Different Tone-Mapping operators (TMOs) produce different Low Dynamic Range (LDR) images based on a single High Dynamic Range (HDR) image. The Tone-Mapped image Quality Index (TMQI) algorithm provides a quantitative means of assessing the quality of resultant LDR images. In this paper we test the hypothesis that TMQI predictions of human image quality can(More)
Biped locomotion has attracted much attention in recent years. The most successful implemented methods in this area are based on two approaches, Central Pattern Generator (CPG) and Zero Moment Point (ZMP). In CPG based controllers, it is difficult to figure out how the feedback should be introduced to the CPG network. In this study, we introduce a(More)
—A large scale agent-based model of common Facebook users was designed to develop an understanding of the underlying mechanism of information diffusion within online social networks at a micro-level analysis. The agent-based model network structure is based on a sample from Facebook. Using an erased configuration model and the idea of common neighbours, a(More)
In many non-deterministic search algorithms, particularly those analogous to complex biological systems, there are a number of inherent difficulties, and the Bees Algorithm (BA) is no exception. The BA is a population-based metaheuristic search algorithm inspired by bees seeking nectar/pollen. Basic versions and variations of the BA have their own(More)
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