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BACKGROUND Serial transverse enteroplasty (STEP) was first described in 2003 as a method for lengthening and tapering of the bowel in short bowel syndrome. The aim of this multicentre study was to review the outcome of a Swedish cohort of children who underwent STEP. METHODS All children who had a STEP procedure at one of the four centres of paediatric(More)
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most common cause of disability in the elderly. It is currently recognized as a cause of secondary osteoporosis. To evaluate the prevalence of osteoporosis in PD and detect its risk factors, 52 patients with PD (36 men/16 women) and 52 controls paired for age and sex were recruited. Clinical data including demography, disease(More)
In this research we have proposed a new self-developed symmetric algorithm called FJ RC-4, which is derived from RC4. Our studies shown that KSA is the vulnerable stage of RC4, whereas a new self-developed symmetric algorithm, FJ-RC4, is an attempt to increase the security of RC4 by introducing the new algorithm for the KSA stage. We have investigated and(More)
Gravitational search algorithms (GSAs) yield high performances in solving optimization problems, but require time-consuming computations for the total force on each mass which makes the speed of optimization very low. However, replacing a GSA's sequential approach with a multiagent system could improve a GSA's speed considerably while maintaining the high(More)
Feature selection is a problem of finding efficient features among all features in which the final feature set can improve accuracy and reduce complexity. In feature selection algorithms search strategies are key aspects. Since feature selection is an NP-Hard problem; therefore heuristic algorithms have been studied to solve this problem. In this paper, we(More)