Hamid Reza Moslemi

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The wound infection is one of the frequent complications in patients undergoing surgical operations. Staphylococcus aureus is the most common cause of surgical wounds. Artemisia absinthium has been shown to bear strong antimicrobial activity, especially against Gram-positive pathogens. This study was designed to investigate the antimicrobial effects of A.(More)
In this study, the role of local injection of butyric acid (BA) with autogenous omental graft was evaluated in healing of experimental Achilles tendon injury in rabbits. Nine adult male New Zealand rabbits were anesthetized and a partial thickness tenotomy was created on both hindlimbs. In treated group, omental graft was secured in place using BA soaked(More)
This study aimed to evaluate semen from Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) by urethral catheterization (CT) after medetomidine administration that offers feasible and different approaches to obtaining good quality sperm, especially in wild felids. Accordingly, this method was tested in five Jungle Cats. After general anesthesia with the α2-agonist medetomidine (which(More)
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