Hamid Reza Mohammadi Daniali

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In this article the problem of the spread of a non-fatal disease in a population which is assumed to have constant size over the period of the epidemic is considered. He's homotopy perturbation method is employed to compute an approximation to the solution of the system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations governing on the problem. The results are(More)
The growing interest in the use of parallel manipulators in machining applications requires clear determination of the workspace and dexterity. In this paper, the workspace optimization of a Tricept parallel manipulator under joint constraints is performed. This parallel manipulator has complex degrees of freedom and, therefore, leads to dimensionally(More)
With regard to planar parallel manipulators, a general classification of singularities into three groups is given. The classification scheme relies on the properties of instantaneous centers of rotation. This method is very fast and can easily be applied to the manipulators under study. The method is applied to a planar three-degrees-of-freedom parallel(More)