Hamid Reza Maleki

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Most of the traditional methods for assessing the capability of manufacturing processes are dealing with crisp quality. In this paper we discuss the fuzzy quality and introduce fuzzy process capability indices, where instead of precise quality we have two membership functions for specification limits. These indices are necessary when the specification(More)
This paper deals with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems(IFLPPs) using Symmetric Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers(STIFNs) and the arithmetic operations defined on them. A special ranking function is presented in project environment to rank STIFN. An attempt has been made to solve the given IFLPP without converting them to crisp linear(More)
In the real-world optimization problems, coefficients of the objective function are not known precisely and can be interpreted as fuzzy numbers. In this paper we define the concepts of optimality for linear programming problems with fuzzy parameters (FLP). Then by using the concept of comparison of fuzzy numbers we transform FLP problem into a(More)
In this paper first, we find a canonical symmetrical trape-zoidal(triangular) for the solution of the fuzzy linear system A˜x = ˜ b, where the elements in A and˜b are crisp and arbitrary fuzzy numbers, respectively. Then, a model for fuzzy linear programming problem with fuzzy variables (FLPFV), in which, the right hand side of constraints are arbitrary(More)