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—In cloud investment markets, consumers are looking for the lowest cost and a desirable fairness while providers are looking for strategies to achieve the highest possible profit and return. Most existing models for auction-based resource allocation in cloud environments only consider the overall profit increase and ignore the profit of each participant(More)
—Transcription factors (TFs) are macromolecules that bind to cis-regulatory specific sub-regions of DNA promoters and initiate transcription. Finding the exact location of these binding sites (aka motifs) is important in a variety of domains such as drug design and development. To address this need, several in vivo and in vitro techniques have been(More)
Prediction of survival for cancer patients is an open area of research. However, many of these studies focus on datasets with a large number of patients. We present a novel method that is specifically designed to address the challenge of data scarcity, which is often the case for cancer datasets. Our method is able to use unlabeled data to improve(More)
In this paper, we present a novel interval-valued fuzzy model-based controller for handling the effects of uncertainty in controlling a complex dynamical system. Theoretically, model-based controllers may be the ideal control mechanisms; however, they are highly sensitive to model uncertainties and lack robustness. These controllers are also computationally(More)
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