Hamid R. Dehghani Samani

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Coping with uncertainty is a challenging and complex problem particularly in hybrid cloud environments-private cloud plus public cloud. Conflicting goals of minimizing the cost and performance, unknown prior knowledge about task running times, and a lack of estimation tools are just a few of the challenges that resource management systems in those(More)
— Due to development of the demand increasing of energy around the world and the decline of traditional energy sources in electricity generation the development orientation of power generation has been toward renewable energies. The use of these unfailing and renewable resources requires study substrates and new infrastructure in the transmission and(More)
Apache Storm has recently emerged as an attractive fault-tolerant open-source distributed data processing platform that has been chosen by many industry leaders to develop real-time applications for processing a huge amount of data in a scalable manner. A key aspect to achieve the best performance in this system lies on the design of an efficient scheduler(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach based on a rubber band technique to solve the "maximum flow" problem for a single-source, single-sink directed graph implemented on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The problem of finding the maximum possible flow for a given graph is a classic network optimization problem that arises in several(More)
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