Hamid Jahankhani

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London Plan is the London mayor's Spatial Development Strategy. This strategic long-term plan comprises of proposals for different aspects of change within the London boundary. Furthermore, the proposals include chapters outlining adjustments in each facet. Policy 4A.2 reflects the Climate Change Mitigation scheme. Some consultations and research works have(More)
The essence of keeping score about everything cannot be overemphasized. A performance measurement system may provide an early warning detection system indicating what has happened; diagnose reason for the current situation; and indicate what remedial action should be taken. Businesses rely on performance measurement systems to provide a feedback on the(More)
The prevalence of computer and the internet has brought forth the increasing spate of cybercrime activities; hence the need for evidence to attribute a crime to a suspect. The research therefore, centres on evidence, the legal standards applied to digital evidence presented in court and the main sources of evidence in the Windows OS, such as the Registry,(More)
Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) has emerged in recent years as a viable way to maximize reuse when designing a family of related products. One of the main tasks conducted during the SPLE process is Variability Management (VM). VM is about identifying commonality among the different products being developed while capturing and cataloging(More)